Spotlight on Research

Handheld DNA tester can quickly identify illegal shark fins

The device, which has been used for detecting Ebola and genetically profiling tumors, is now being put toward fighting wildlife crime.

By Joshua Rapp Learn, National Geographic


With otters away, what keeps urchins at bay?

California sheephead and spiny lobsters may be helping to control sea urchin populations in Southern California kelp forests, where sea otters — a top urchin predator — have long been missing, according to a new study published in the journal Ecology. The research provides new insight into the complex predator-prey relationships in kelp forests that can be seen in the absence of sea otters.

By Tayler Tharaldson, 2019 California Sea Grant Science Communications Fellow


Can ranching ‘zombie urchins’ boost uni, save kelp forests?

Urchinomics and SDSU aim to preserve sea plants and boost rural communities while tapping into a lucrative market.

By James Wright, Global Aquaculture Alliance